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Temerloh Vocational College is an institution that shapes future innovative industriousmanpower. The vision is based on three ‘pillars’ : the professionals, the students and the economic. Our rationale is as professionals, we are capable of shaping the future workforce into innovative and competitive people. We will produce students who are reliable and enthusiastic workers and their career capabilities are relevant in today’s industrialworld.

Being innovative is important as it is the route to economic growth. Industries are maturing and so are the products. Therefore, the students will be driven to be innovative so that they can survivein the industry which is forever changing. Innovative manpower will be profitable for the industry and our country.


We are also preparing the students with skills to commit to the industry. They will not only be skilful but are inculcated with excellent working ethics. Being industrious, they will practice diligence, determination and integrity in their work. Our industrious manpower will overcome Malaysia’s burden of hiring workforce from neighbouring countries.

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